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El Amor En Gran Medida

$300.00 USD
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Product Description

Emilio Chapela Pérez
Inkjet on archival paper on foam board,

22 x 28cm, ed 1/10 + 2PA

Emilio Chapela is a visual artist with a background on mathematics, photography and the moving image. His work explores intricate connections between science, technology and ecology through the art practice. He enquires on notions of time and space that are manifested through various forces and agencies such as astronomical phenomena, light, gravity, rocks, plants, volcanoes and rivers.

Challenging our fixed notions of time and space, he aims to develop a practice that visualizes our bonds and connections with humans and nonhumans to reconcile with the world€„¢s temporalities and movements.

He is interested in the poetic possibilities of the visual arts as a means to establish a connection with the world.